The Study of Hydrodynamics of Slug Flow in 10 Degrees Inclined Pipe Using Electrical Capacitance Tomography Data

Nwachukwu, Chris Chiagozie (2014-12-15)


Slug flow along slightly inclined horizontal pipes is a major problem in gas-liquid transportation, it is very pronounced in chemical, oil and gas processing industries. In reality, there is no absolute horizontal pipe due to the undulating nature/ Topography of the laid pipe terrains. Very little research has been done in this area because of lack of experimental data. This work is proposed to use raw experimental data from 10 degrees inclined horizontal pipe to analyze the flow properties and pattern. The experimental data obtained will be analyzed in order to improve the fundamental understanding of the flow regime promoted through them. The following parameters concerned with slug flow in a slightly inclined horizontal pipe: void fraction in the liquid slug, void fraction in the Taylor bubble, translational velocity, slug frequency, length of liquid slug and Taylor bubble will be determined using processed data obtained from Electrical Capacitance Tomography (ECT). The correlations from other studies such as Dukler et al(1975),Taitel et al (1990) etc will be used to validate the experimental results.