Synthesis of the Conventional Phenomenological Theories with Marginal Fermi Liquid Model

Chibueze, Timothy Chibuike (2011-11-20)


The high temperature superconducting cuprates show some non Fermi liquid behaviour in their normal state. Also there is no generally accepted theory of high temperature superconductivity. The BCS theory has failed to explain the superconductive state properties of the cuprate superconductors. Gorter-Casimir two fluid model and London theory has been very useful before the BCS theory. Varma and his co-workers propounded a `marginal` Fermi liquid theory which explains the normal state properties of the cuprate superconductors. In this thesis, we have calculated some thermodynamic and electrodynamic properties of the cuprate superconductors. The method involves applying the result of electronic specific heat capacity of cuprates in the normal state obtained by Kuroda and Varma to the Gorter-Casimir two fluid model using the standard variational method. We also applied the two fluid scheme to the London theory and obtained an expression for the magnetic field penetration depth. Our result was compared with other peoples' results and experimental results.