Ultrafast X-rays Imaging For Medical Physics

Kakmeni, Keou Nabil Stephane (2016-06-17)


In this thesis we explored the production of highly coherent and energetic extreme ultra violet(XUV) radiation through the process of high harmonic generation(HHG). HHG is a process by which a ultrashort laser pulse interact with and plucks an electron from an atom, coherently accelerates it away from and back to the ion core, emits a high energy photon with frequency been equal to an odd integer multiples of the laser frequency. For its complete description, we consider a one-dimensional Hydrogen atom interacting with a 50 f s laser pulse which can be described by the time dependent Schrödinger equation (TDSE). The TDSE is solve by the Fast Fourier Split Operator method. Firstly, both the ground state and the energy of the system are obtained by imaginary time propagating any arbitrary wave-function taken as the initial state. Secondly, by real time propagating the wave-function of the obtained ground state, the time dependent wave-function of the system, its energy, and the probity in density could be determined.