Strategies to Implement Parallel Discrete Event System Specification Algorithms

Adekunle, Onaopepo Husamat (2014-12-15)


Discrete Event System Specification (DEVS) formalism is a Modeling and Simulation (M&S) framework that provides a means of specifying systems. It separates a model from its simulator. The former describes the structure and the behavior of a system, while the later generates the trajectories of these descriptions. P-DEVS (Parallel DEVS) is the version of DEVS that allows one to express at the modelling level, the parallelism present in a system. Though the algorithm is well defined, its implementation remains challenging. This thesis presents implementations of the Parallel DEVS simulation algorithm developed as simulation engines. This work proposes the classification of the algorithms that exists based on implementation approach. Our goals include the implementation of the algorithms, benchmarking and analysis. The implementations are classified as Object Oriented based approach (OOP) that uses OOP paradigm to be realized, process based approach that uses threads of execution for realization and hybrid simulators that uses a mix of the paradigms to be realized.