Implementation of New Fault Tolerance Solution in Wireless Sensor Networks in a Multi-Channel Context

Ohida, Sefiya (2016-08-16)


Wireless sensor network is application specific, which is deployed in an interested area like about hundred or thousands of sensor nodes. All the sensor nodes communicate via a wireless medium and works cooperatively to sense the environment in order to achieve the required task. Such sensor nodes which is application specific needs a good fault tolerance scheme to keep the system working. Since this sensor nodes are battery operated, have a small memory, deployed in harsh environmental condition and can easily be depleted. So we improved on distributed fault tolerance algorithm which enable the detection status of a node with fewer neighbors to be accurate and can also detect the status of a node in a multi-channel context. Our distributed fault tolerance algorithm uses majority voting with priority. Although in literature fault tolerance detection in multi-channel channel context has not really been put into practice.