Multicore System on Chip Electrocardiography

Aliyu, Sunday John (2010-12-12)


Basically electrocardiography is a commonly used, non-invasive procedure for recording electrical changes in the heart. The record, which is called an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG), shows the series of waves that relate to the electrical impulses which occur during each beat of the heart. The results are printed on paper or displayed on a monitor. The waves in a normal record are named P, Q, R, S, T, U and follow in alphabetical order. This research exploits the technology of parallel processing to process the electrocardiography computational kernels in parallel. The idea we are presenting is to implement the traditional multi lead bulky electrocardiogram on a programmable chip which is small and more efficient. The technology is implemented on an FPGA (Target device is Altera Stratix III EP3SL50F484C2) based on Multicore System on Chip. The Logic Utilization for one-lead system which is scalable to multi lead after compilation was 43%, combinational ALUTs 9669/38000 (25%), Memory ALUTs 16/19000 (<1%), Total registers 11583/38000 (30%) and total thermal power dissipation of 463.86mW .