A Multimedia Learning System for Selected topics of Physics

Arreytambe, Tabot (2011-12-15)


The usage of computers in Physics Instruction began in the seventies and ever since then, lots of research efforts have been devoted to studying various emerging technologies and their impact on the learning process. Multimedia Learning Systems provide flexibility as well as a collaborative approach to learning, decreased cost of education for learners and proper time usage for instructors. It provides a major benefit over the traditional approach to Physics Instruction. This Thesis is the analysis, design and implementation of a Multimedia Learning System for Selected Topics of Physics. A first implementation of our Environment for a Newtonian Mechanics course which happens to be one of the first areas of Physics introduced to undergraduate level Science Students is presented here. The technology used for this system is the Java 2D Technology of Sun Microsystems. The system is portable, web-based enabled, machine-independent and easy-to-use. It can be used as a stand-alone application or run as an applet in any one of the major web-browsers. It is designed to meet the active learning preferences of Physics learners and can also be used as a supporting tool for other courses.