Learning System and a Comparative Study on Learning Style of Students in Africa(Nigeria) and those in Asia (JAPAN)

Mohammed, Hassan (2011-12)


In different parts of the world especially African and Asian continents, students attend classes and taught in groups using the same method of teaching applied to all students irrespective of whether or not they have the same method of taking and assimilating information (learning style). This contributed negatively towards the development of educations in some countries of those continents. To tackle such problems, an intelligent and adaptive learning system should be the focal point in order to ensure faster and better performances in the learning process. One of its advantages is to help learners and teachers to discover students’ learning preferences. Learning Style is the various ways or approaches of learning. They involve educating method, particular to an individual that are presumed to allow that individual to learn best. Learning preferences can then help learners to find their most effective way to learn conveniently. It can also help teachers to adopt/prepare suitable learning materials for efficient learning process. This paper is concerned with the study, implementation, and application of a web-based learning style index. In this paper we examine the learning style of students in Asia and those in Africa, Nigeria and Japan as a case study. However, this paper also compares the learning preferences of students in those two above mentioned continents. Based on the study, we also give some recommendation to enhance the learning processes in those countries.