Design and Simulation Study of a Scalable and Resilient Network Architecture for a Hybrid Cloud; Its Billing System

Ngolah, Kenneth (2011-12-15)


A Hybrid Cloud refers to a cloud computing environment that provides pay-as-you-go services to users using the integration of public and private clouds resources. Cloud computing is one of the latest areas in the field of Information Technology (IT) with a promising future. There are predictions that in no distant future, many users will simply go in for cloud computing services as the users will only “Pay-as-they-go” without incurring the cost of the equipments they use or the cost of their maintenance. However, prospective users or customers of the cloud especially those of the hybrid cloud in particular have a phobia for cloud computing services especially in the domain of the billing system since hybrid cloud providers evaluate the bills at the providers end without the user or customer involved in the calculation. In this thesis we try to provide a solution for the above mentioned billing problem to the prospective cloud users by coming out with simulations that evaluate the pricing mechanism in a hybrid cloud environment. This evaluation pinpoints the factors that contribute to the total bill presented to the customer and their respective individual contributions depending on whether the computation is data intensive or compute intensive. The simulations were done using the extended cloud simulation software “Cloudsim” which is a simulator that models and simulates cloud computing environment and equally evaluates resource factors. The simulations revealed that the bill incurred by a customer is directly proportional to the degree of intensity of the factor(s) used.