Critical Exponents on Fortuin-Kasteleyn Weighted Planar Maps

Berestycki, Nathanael Edouard ; Laslier, Benoit ; Ray, Gourab (2017-10-01)


In this paper we consider random planar maps weighted by the self-dual Fortuin--Kasteleyn model with parameter $q \in (0,4)$. Using a bijection due to Sheffield and a connection to planar Brownian motion in a cone we obtain rigorously the value of the critical exponent associated with the length of cluster interfaces, which is shown to be $$ \frac{4}{\pi} \arccos \left( \frac{\sqrt{2 - \sqrt{q}}}{2} \right)=\frac{\kappa'}{8}. $$ where $\kappa' $ is the SLE parameter associated with this model. We also derive the exponent corresponding to the area enclosed by a loop which is shown to be 1 for all values of $q \in (0,4)$. Applying the KPZ formula we find that this value is consistent with the dimension of SLE curves and SLE duality. Communicated by H.-T. Yau