A Study of the Effect of Liquid Flow Rate, Pipe Size and Pipe Orientation on the Liquid Hold-Up Using Beggs and Brill Correlation

Kporngor, Joseph Atsu (2009-12-15)


The effect of liquid flow rate, pipe size (diameter) and pipe orientation (inclination) on liquid hold-up was investigated. Liquid flow rate between 500 STB/day and 5000 STB/day was studied. An oil of 25 ̊API at an average temperature of 175 ̊F, a gas gravity of 0.65, water cut of 25% with water gravity of 1.07 and containing no free gas was used in this study. The correlations given by Standing, Culberson and Maketta, Vasquez, Dodson and Standing, Papay, Beggs and Robinson, and Lee et al correlations were employed to calculate the fluid properties. Beggs and Brill correlation was used to predict the liquid hold-up. A step by step procedure was developed using Microsoft excel to generate results for various combination of the variables under consideration. The hold-up recorded for flow in pipes of negative angle of inclination was less than that for positive angle of inclination for the same fluid properties and flow parameters. It was evident, from the result of the study that the liquid hold-up increase with increase in the liquid flow rate. As the pipe inclination changes from -90 ̊ to 90 ̊, there is an increase in the liquid hold-up recorded, for each liquid flow rate.