Group Mutual Exclusion in Opportunistic Network

Asulba, Barikisu Ahmed (2016-06-15)


The Opportunistic network is an interesting development in the Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) environment. It has no end-to-end connectivity among nodes. Unlike MANETs, the nodes in Opportunistic network are independent on network topology. Resources are constrained, and nodes share resources in this type of network. Hence, to ensure the integrity of nodes wishing to access a shared resource, mutual exclusion is required to allow nodes to access shared resources exclusively. In this thesis, we review an extension of the mutual exclusion problem known as, the Group Mutual Exclusion (GME) for MANETs, and evaluate their applicability to Opportunistic network. We further propose a token based Group Mutual Exclusion Algorithm for Opportunistic network. The MEOP algorithm in [20] is adapted for the proposed algorithm and to ensure concurrent execution of critical section, a similar approach is adopted from [21], [9]]. The algorithm ensures mutual exclusion, bounded delay and concurrent entering properties.