Adaptive Learning Framework

Mubarak, Sani Ibrahim (2016-06-15)


Many Institutions offer on-line courses to people from all around the world. Learning Management Systems provides a convenient learning environment for on-line courses. Each learner has individual needs and characteristics such as, personality and learning styles. These investigations are supported by learning theorists who argue that, these differences affect individuals learning process, and that is why learners progress better under certain circumstances. Learning style is the outlined method used to place learners in certain criteria based on the way they process and perceive information. Felder-Silverman’s learning style model is the implemented model because it combines major learning style models like, Kolb’s, Pask, as well as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. In this thesis the adaptive learning framework is created using a Java Spark web framework. MySQL database is used to store data and Java Database Connectivity is used to interface Java with MySQL. Static and automatic student modelling are implemented. Learners learning styles are inferred and the framework suggests, learning materials for learners that corresponds to their learning preferences.