Characterization and Stabilization of Laterite for Sustainable Construction Applications

Obianyo, Ifeyinwa Ijeoma (2017-12-12)


Laterite is an eco-friendly construction material that has the ability of being re-cycled indefinitely. The research is aimed at achieving the effective utilization of laterite as a sustainable construction material by attempting to identify the best percentage of the soil stabilizers needed to improve the laterite. In this study, hydrated lime and bone ash were used as soil stabilizers to improve the strength of Nigerian laterite (obtained from Gosa and Sauka in Abuja, Nigeria). Compressive strength, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy and particle size distribution (Sieve analysis) tests were used to investigate the influence of hydrated lime and bone ash on laterite. Different percentages of hydrated lime (3%, 9% and 15%) and bone ash (5%, 10%, 15% and 20%) were used. Different methods of curing were explored to cure the cube samples. Samples cured using the air-drying method of curing gave the highest compressive strength compared to the samples cured using oven drying and sun drying methods of curing. The compressive strength results showed that the addition of 9% (as the optimum amount) of hydrated lime increased the compressive strength of laterite greatly, after 28 days of curing period. In addition, the increased compressive strength of the bone ash treated samples was evident. The outcome of this research indicates positive results due to the potential of hydrated lime and bone ash to strengthen the laterite. It also shows that bone ash can be used in place of lime for stabilization of laterite material.