Luation of Recovery Performance of Gas-Condensate Reservoir using Limited Compositional Simulator

Kanneh, Lahai (2018-03-23)


In the past years, several researches have been done on gas-condensate reservoir recovery performance using fully compositional simulators. Fully compositional simulators are more expensive, time consuming and have complex data requirement as compared to limited compositional reservoir simulators. An alternative method of evaluating gas condensate reservoir recovery has been considered in this research; it is four-component limited compositional reservoir simulator. The limited compositional simulator makes use of the black-oil Todd-Longstaff model to simulate gas-condensate reservoir production. The work was started with collection of quality data which served as an input data to the development of the reservoir model. After model development, four simulation scenarios were set up; these include the base case or primary depletion with no injection, water injection case, water alternating gas injection case and gas injection case. The four simulation scenarios were compared to derive the best reservoir development strategies which will be instrumental in decision making. The outcome of this work is similar to that of fully compositional simulation. It is recommended that the limited compositional simulator should be considered for the gas-condensate project feasibility studies and optimization of gas-condensate reservoir recovery performance.