Environmental Impact of Oil and Gas Exploration and Production on the Socio-Economic Life of Niger Delta

Twum, Antoniette (2019-06-23)


Niger Delta generates higher revenues for Nigeria through its abundant oil and gas resources. The region over the years has been faced with environmental challenges resulting from oil and gas operations. This study is aimed to evaluate the environmental impact of the oil and gas exploration and production on the socioeconomic life of the inhabitants of the Niger Delta. The data and analysis presented in this study relied solely on secondary data from past studies and reports from both governmental and nongovernmental organizations. It has been discovered that the environmental damage has brought about health implications and affected the region’s main sources of livelihood (farming and fishing), causing an increase in unemployment and poverty rate, and low standard of living. Nevertheless, these challenges could be managed by adjustment in the execution of cooperate social responsibility of oil companies, enforcement of existing laws and establishment of new regulations which can safeguard the environment and the people.