Electrochemical Performance of Coconut Coir Fibers as a Potential Source of Carbon Materials for Electrochemical Supercapacitors

Ayodamola, Kaosarat Raji (2020-04-12)


This work aims to investigate the use of coconut coir fibre as a potential source of carbon for supercapacitor electrode materials. The chemical activation process was adopted using KOH as an activating agent. The carbonization temperature of the coconut coir fibre was varied from 700 – 8000 C. The synthesized activated coconut coir fibre was characterized using different characterization techniques such as SEM-EDX, FTIR. UV-VIS spectroscopy and also, electrochemical analysis was employed too. The result gotten shows that coconut coir fibre is a good source of carbon for electrochemical electrode material with the specific capacitance of 105 Fg -1 , energy density of 12 W h kg -1 and the power density of 561 W kg -1 .