Computer Implementation of the Dykstra-Parsons Method of Waterflood Calculations

Kiisi, Lekia Prosper (2020-12-12)


The Dykstra-Parson techniques stands as the most widely used waterflood methods. The authors developed a discrete, analytical solution from which waterflood performance parameters were determined. Reznik et al extended the work of Dykstra and Parson to include exact, analytical, continuous solutions, with explicit solutions for time, constant injection pressure, constant overall injection rate conditions, assuming piston-like displacement. This work presents a computer implementation to compare the results of Dykstra and Parson method, and the Reznik et al extension. A user-friendly graphical user interface executable application has been developed for both methods using Python 3 and Tkinter, to serve as a hands-on tool for petroleum engineers and the industry. The results of the program for both methods gave a close match with that obtained from simulation performed with Flow (Open Porous Media). The results provided more insight into the underlying principles and applications of the methods.