Design and Implementation of Multimedia Content on Smartphone for Learning Automata Theory

Yusuf, Sahabi Ali (2013-06-13)

2013 Computer Science Masters Thesis.


Alternative methods of learning that will provide an avenue for students to construct knowledge independently has become the yearning of all and sundry. Computers are revolutionizing the educational institutions as well as the industries. Above all, one aspect of computer i.e multimedia capability has made them to be referred to as the harbinger of success. Multimedia systems offer flexible, robust and all encompassing learning experience. Combination of both multimedia and traditional form of learning will go a long way in improving the quality of learning in our society. This research work deals with the analysis, design and implementation of multimedia content on Smartphone or Android platform in particular for learning Automata Theory. The system is easy to use with a rich user friendly interface. It allow users to design an automaton and also simulate the behavior of the automaton to see whether it accepts or rejects an input string. Among the contribution of this work is the use of an existing technologies to improve learning, increase material retention and encourage active participation of students. It also meet the active learning preferences of engineering and science students. In order to ascertain the effectiveness of the system to serve as learning system and evaluation is carried out and a questionnaire is issued to the students. The result shows a great acceptance of the content by the students community. Due to the flexibility and modular nature of the system, it can support several courses