Evaluation of Optimal Position of ESP for Optimum Rate in Horizontal Well

Gyedu, Lilian (2019-07-13)

2019 Petroleum Engineering Theses


In this project, the optimum position of ESP is evaluated for horizontal wells. The inflow and outflow performance of the horizontal well has been estimated using Joshi’s steady-state approximation for horizontal flow and Beggs and Bills correlation for multiphase flow respectively. Neglecting Pressure losses due to acceleration, the frictional and hydrostatic pressure losses in the wellbore have been calculated. The natural flow performance of the well under no influence of any shaft work such as pump has been evaluated. Additional pressure required by ESP to flow the well has been calculated and, the optimum position of the ESP in the well for optimum rate has been found. Finally, a properly designed parameter for the ESP to improve field productivity has been determined.