Design and Analysis of C-Band Microstrip Patch Antenna for Satellite Communication

Ikwunne, Chineye Ndidiamaka (2021-09-01)

2021 Aerospace Engineering Masters Theses


Low gain and narrow bandwidth associated with microstrip patch antennas for satellite application is studied in this submission. Evaluation of the best feed technique with insertand edge using HFSS software was done with the aim of improving bandwidth and gain. The designed co-polanar waveguide (CPW) antenna utilized Flame Retardent - 4 epoxy of 1.6 mm thickness and dielectric constant of 4.4 as substrate, which gave a simulated return loss value of less than -10dB, gain of 4.2 dB and an improved bandwidth of 3.5 GHz.The designed antenna is suitable for satellite communication, military and other wide band applications.