Effect of Partial Replacement of Cement with Metakaolin on the Physio-Mechanical Properties of Excavated Soil Reinforced with Natural Borassus Fruit Fibre.

Olanipekun, Khadijat Adeola (2023-06-07)

Main Thesis


Large amounts of excavated soil, both clean and polluted, are frequently produced during construction projects which are typically disposed of in landfills. This research explored a method to re-use the excavated soil as a construction material through partial replacement of cement with metakaolin and reinforcing with 0.2% Natural Borassus fruit fibre. The tests conducted were Moisture content, Particle size distribution, Material density, Atterberg Limit test, Linear shrinkage, Compressive strength test, Water absorption and FTIR while observing several material characterization methods such as; SEM, XRD, XRF from previous research. The average compressive strength results obtained after 28 days curing at room temperature for Mortar cubes with fibres and Mortar cubes with no fibre reinforcement were 7.5 MPa and 7.6 MPa respectively. Their failure pattern was satisfactory, there was about 6% increase in the water absorption from its 7th day result to its 28 days. The functional group did not show any significant change over the curing period and fibre content as observed with the FTIR. This shows a possibility in the usage of the constituents’ materials for sustainable construction.