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Qualitative Modelling and Simulation of Free Running Semiconductor Laser

dc.contributor.authorAbu, Moses Isaiah
dc.description.abstractThe thesis presents the modelling and simulation of free running semiconductor laser. The rate equations which were derived on the basis of the fact that there must be a balance between carriers that undergo transition and the photons generated and annihilated were simulated to examine what laser looks like when ran without positive optical feedback nor any optical injection. The result shows the photons get amplified due to stimulated emission but no oscillation of the output is obtained. Such a set up is therefore seen as an optical amplifier.en_US
dc.subjectAbu Moses Isaiahen_US
dc.subjectProf Oleg Yordanoven_US
dc.subject2011 Theoretical Physics Thesesen_US
dc.subjectModelling and Simulationen_US
dc.titleQualitative Modelling and Simulation of Free Running Semiconductor Laseren_US

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