A Cloud-Based Java Compiler for Smart Devices

Mohammed, Tanko, Yahaya (2016-06-23)


The Java programming language is widely used in industry and business. Therefore, academic institutions worldwide include Java learning as a basic part of their Computer Science and Engineering curricula. At the same time, smart devices have become popular among university learners. This research tries to take advantage of this fact to promote Java learning. The main problem is that we cannot compile Java programs on smart devices due to the technical limitations of such devices. This research aims to leverage cloud computing, the availability, prevalence and affordability of smart devices and the ever-growing market of Android devices to provide users with text editors to create and modify Java programs and save them to a server. Users can also compile and execute created programs. A web-based version of the application is also provided for users who do not use Android devices that can be accessed via a browser on a PC or Smart device. The system uses an existing online compiler. The developed cloud-based compiler can be integrated into a smart multimedia learning system for learning the Java programming language.