Rosebud: A Scalable Byzantine-Fault-Tolerant Storage Architecture

Unknown author (2003-12-17)

This paper presents Rosebud, a new Byzantine faulttolerantstorage architecture designed to be highly scalableand deployable in the wide-area. To support massiveamounts of data, we need to partition the data among thenodes. To support long-lived operation, we need to allowthe set of nodes in the system to change. To our knowledge,we are the first to present a complete design and arunning implementation of Byzantine-fault-tolerant storagealgorithms for a large scale, dynamic membership.We deployed Rosebud in a wide area testbed and ran experimentsto evaluate its performance, and our experimentsshow that it performs well. We show that our storage algorithmsperform equivalently to highly optimized replicationalgorithms in the wide-area. We also show that performancedegradation is minor when the system reconfigures.