Simultaneous Localization and Tracking in Wireless Ad-hoc Sensor Networks

Unknown author (2005-05-31)

In this thesis we present LaSLAT, a sensor network algorithm thatsimultaneously localizes sensors, calibrates sensing hardware, andtracks unconstrained moving targets using only range measurementsbetween the sensors and the target. LaSLAT is based on a Bayesian filter, which updates a probabilitydistribution over the quantities of interest as measurementsarrive. The algorithm is distributable, and requires only a constantamount of space with respect to the number of measurementsincorporated. LaSLAT is easy to adapt to new types of hardware and newphysical environments due to its use of intuitive probabilitydistributions: one adaptation demonstrated in this thesis uses amixture measurement model to detect and compensate for bad acousticrange measurements due to echoes.We also present results from a centralized Java implementation ofLaSLAT on both two- and three-dimensional sensor networks in whichranges are obtained using the Cricket ranging system. LaSLAT is ableto localize sensors to within several centimeters of their groundtruth positions while recovering a range measurement bias for eachsensor and the complete trajectory of the mobile.