Detecting and tracking multiple interacting objects without class-specific models

Unknown author (2006-04-25)

We propose a framework for detecting and tracking multiple interacting objects from a single, static, uncalibrated camera. The number of objects is variable and unknown, and object-class-specific models are not available. We use background subtraction results as measurements for object detection and tracking. Given these constraints, the main challenge is to associate pixel measurements with (possibly interacting) object targets. We first track clusters of pixels, and note when they merge or split. We then build an inference graph, representing relations between the tracked clusters. Using this graph and a generic object model based on spatial connectedness and coherent motion, we label the tracked clusters as whole objects, fragments of objects or groups of interacting objects. The outputs of our algorithm are entire tracks of objects, which may include corresponding tracks from groups of objects during interactions. Experimental results on multiple video sequences are shown.