Information Slicing: Anonymity Using Unreliable Overlays

Unknown author (2007-02-23)

This paper proposes a new approach to anonymous communication called information slicing. Typically, anonymizers use onion routing, where a message is encrypted in layers with the public keys of the nodes along the path. Instead, our approach scrambles the message, divides it into pieces, and sends the pieces along disjoint paths. We show that information slicing addresses message confidentiality as well as source and destination anonymity. Surprisingly, it does not need any public key cryptography. Further, our approach naturally addresses the problem of node failures. These characteristics make it a good fit for use over dynamic peer-to-peer overlays. We evaluate the anonymity ofinformation slicing via analysis and simulations. Our prototype implementation on PlanetLab shows that it achieves higher throughput than onion routing and effectively copes with node churn.