Table 1 (Supplemental): Summary of expression programs discovered by GeneProgram from Novartis Tissue Atlas v2 data

Unknown author (2007-06-25)

Table 1 (Supplemental): Summary of recurrent expression programs (EPs) discovered by GeneProgram. The columns are: (1) the EP identifier (an arbitrarily assigned number), (2) the number of genes in the EP, (3) the number of tissues in the EP, (4) the species using the EP (i.e., one or more tissues from the species uses the EP, H = human, M = mouse), (5) the generality score (GS), (6) the top three tissues using the EP (numbers in parentheses = usage percentages), (7)-(9) the GO category name, GO term, and associated p-value for the most abundant significantly enriched category (i.e., the significant category with the most genes overlapping with the EP's genes).