Agent Organization and Request Propagation in the Knowledge Plane

Unknown author (2007-07-26)

In designing and building a network like the Internet, we continue to face the problems of scale and distribution. In particular, network management has become an increasingly difficult task, and network applications often need to maintain efficient connectivity graphs for various purposes. The knowledge plane was proposed as a new construct to improve network management and applications. In this proposal, I propose an application-independent mechanism to support the construction of application-specific connectivity graphs. Specifically, I propose to build a network knowledge plane and multiple sub-planes for different areas of network services. The network knowledge plane provides valuable knowledge about the Internet to the sub-planes, and each sub-plane constructs its own connectivity graph using network knowledge and knowledge in its own specific area. I focus on two key design issues: (1) a region-based architecture for agent organization; (2) knowledge dissemination and request propagation. Network management and applications benefit from the underlying network knowledge plane and sub-planes. To demonstrate the effectiveness of this mechanism, I conduct case studies in network management and security.