The J%JOIN Package

Unknown author (1971-04-02)

Work reported herein was supported by the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, an M.I.T. research program sponsored by the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the Department of Defense under office of Naval Research contract number N00014-70-A-0362-0002.

Working Paper

The J%JOIN program creates links between the elements of a set of line segments on the basis of their geometric proximity. According to the value of the third argument, (T or NIL), the program will either place a set of links in an array, suitable for use by the program P%PURPOSE, or will return a set of "re-adjusted" line segments with the property that lines apparently converging on a common vertex are assigned identical end points at the appropriate ends. Twelve geometric parameters are used to control the joining procedure. Starred sections (*) are for reference only; J%JOIN may be successfully used by someone familiar with only the unstarred sections of this memo.