Visual Feedback in a Coordinated Hand-Eye System

Unknown author (1972-08)

This paper reproduces a thesis proposal of the same title submitted to the Dept. of Electrical Engineering for the degree of Master of Science. Work reported herein was conducted at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology research program supported in part by the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the Department of Defense and monitored by the Office of Naval Research under Contract Number N00014-70-A-0362-0003. Vision flashes are informal papers intended for internal use.

Working Paper

A system is proposed for the development of new techniques for the control and monitoring of a mechanical arm-hand. The use of visual feedback is seen to provide new interactive capabilities in a machine hand-eye system. The proposed system explores the use of visual feedback in such operations as the pouring and stirring of liquids, the location of objects for grasping, and the simple rote learning of new arm motions.