Synthesis of a Network with a Given System Function

Unknown author (1974-06)

Work reported herein was conducted at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology research program supported in part by the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the Department of Defense and monitored by the Office of Naval Research under Contract Number N00014-70-A-0362-0005.

Working Paper

I have just completed teaching two sections of 6.011 (Elementary Network Theory). One of the topics covered was synthesis of active filters by the "method of unilateral 2-ports". The explanation of this technique by the lecturer, John Kassakian, is of interest to those of us studying problem solving and the evolution of expertise. The evolution of the method of unilateral 2-ports seems to ft beautifully into the paradigm of synthesis of the solution to a problem by debugging of an almost-right plan. Of course, skill is acquired by incorporating the results of debugging, as we expect.