Transcendence, Facticity, and Modes of Non-Being

Unknown author (1986-03)

A.I. Laboratory working papers are produced for internal circulation, and may contain information that is, for example, to preliminary, too detailed, or too silly for formal publication. This paper handsomely satisfies all three criteria. While it is destined to become a landmark in its genre, readers are cautioned against making reference to this paper in the literature, as the authors would like to rejoin society with a clean slate. This paper could not have been produced without the assistance of many brilliant but unstable individuals who could not be reached for comment, and whose names have been suppressed pending determination of competence.

Working Paper

Research in artificial intelligence has yet to satisfactorily address the primordial fissure between human consciousness and the material order. How is this split reconciled in terms of human reality? By what duality is Bad Faith possible? We show that the answer is quite subtle, and of particular relevance to certain classical A.I. problems in introspection and intensional belief structure. A principled approach to bad faith and the consciousness of the other is suggested. We present ideas for an implementation in the domain of chemical engineering.