One Video Stream to Serve Diverse Receivers

Unknown author (2008-10-18)

The fundamental problem of wireless video multicast is to scalably serve multiple receivers which may have very different channel characteristics. Ideally, one would like to broadcast a single stream that allows each receiver to benefit from all correctly received bits to improve its video quality. We introduce Digital Rain, a new approach to wireless video multicast that adapts to channel characteristics without any need for receiver feedback or variable codec rates. Users that capture more packets or have fewer bit errors naturally see higher video quality. Digital Rain departs from current approaches in two ways: 1) It allows a receiver to exploit video packets that may contain bit errors; 2) It builds on the theory of compressed sensing to develop robust video encoding and decoding algorithms that degrade smoothly with bit errors and packet loss. Implementation results from an indoor wireless testbed show that Digital Rain significantly improves the received video quality and the number of supported receivers.