Computational Re-Photography

Unknown author (2010-04-07)

Rephotographers aim to recapture an existing photograph from the same viewpoint. A historical photograph paired with a well-aligned modern rephotograph can serve as a remarkable visualization of the passage of time. However, the task of rephotography is tedious and often imprecise, because reproducing the viewpoint of the original photograph is challenging. The rephotographer must disambiguate between the six degrees of freedom of 3D translation and rotation, and the confounding similarity between the effects of camera zoom and dolly. We present a real-time estimation and visualization technique for rephotography that helps users reach a desired viewpoint during capture. The input to our technique is a reference image taken from the desired viewpoint. The user moves through the scene with a camera and follows our visualization to reach the desired viewpoint. We employ computer vision techniques to compute the relative viewpoint difference. We guide 3D movement using two 2D arrows. We demonstrate the success of our technique by rephotographing historical images and conducting user studies.

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