An Approach to Automatic Robot Programming

Unknown author (1985-04-01)

In this paper we propose an architecture for a new task-level system, which we call TWAIN. Task-level programming attempts to simplify the robot programming process but requiring that the user specify only goals for the physical relationships among objects, rather than the motions needed to achieve those goals. A task-level specification is meant to be completely robot independent; no positions or paths that depend on the robot geometry or kinematics are specified by the user. We have two goals for this paper. Th is first is to present a more unified t reatment of some individual pieces of r esearch in task planning, whose r elationship has not previously been d escribed. The second is to provide a new framework for further research in task-planning. This is a slightly modified version of a paper that appeared in Proceedings of Soli d Modeling by Computers: from Theory to A pplications, Research laboratories Sympo sium Series, sponsored by General Motors, Warren, Michigan, September 1983.