The Design Procedure Language Manual

Unknown author (1980-09-01)

This manual describes the Design Procedure Language (DPL) for LSI design. DPL creates and maintains a representation of a design in a hierarchically organized, object-oriented LISP data-base. Designing in DPL involves writing programs (Design Procedures) which construct and manipulate descriptions of a project. The programs use a call-by-keyword syntax and may be entered interactively or written by other programs. DPL is the layout language for the LISP-based Integrated Circuit design system (LISPIC) being developed at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT. The LISPIC design environment will combine a large set of design tools that interact through a common data-base. This manual is for prospective users of the DPL and covers the information necessary to design a project with the language. The philosophy and goals of the LISPIC system as well as some details of the DPL data-base are also discussed.