Interim Report of the LOGO Project in the Brookline Public Schools

Unknown author (1978-06-01)

The LOGO activities of a group of 16 sixth-grade students, representing a full spectrum of ability, are being documented with a view to developing ways of capturing the learning possibilities of such an environment. The first group of eight subjects have completed 25 closely observed hours, extending over 7 weeks, in a LOGO classroom situated in a Brookline school. This is an interim report on these observations designed to exhibit the content of what has been learned; and insights into both the variety of cognitive styles of the pupils and the variety of learning situations available to a teacher with which to respond to different pupil styles and abilities. We have a large amount of data available for analysis, and we are interested in looking at this material from several points of view. The current state of our various analysis is presented here, without any effort to prune the considerable redundancy which has been generated in the process of doing this multiple-cut exercise.