Unknown author (1968-10-01)

The MIDAS linking loader is a PDP-6 program to load relocatable-format output from the MIDAS assemblers, with facilities to handle symbolic cross-reference between independently assembled programs. Although it is arranged primarily to load from DECtape, the loader is able also to load paper-tape relocatable programs. To use the loader, load it off the MACDMOP SYSTEM tape as the file STINK (A file STINK NEW may exist, repairing old bugs or introducing new features.) Then the loader expects commands to be typed in on the on-line Teletype; two successive ALT MODE characters terminate the string of commands. The commands in a string are not performed until the string is thus terminated. While a command in a string has not been terminated, RUBOUT will erase the last typed-in character (and type it out again as a reminder). A command string may contain any number of commands, and the effect is the same whether the commands are together in one string or are in successively typed-in strings each delimited by two ALT MODES.