CTSS LISP Notice-Supplement to A.I. Memo No. 67

Unknown author (1964-12-01)

The LISP system (command version) has been updated. Bugs are corrected include: 1. out of pushdown list in compiled function will not transfer to 77777. 2. with compiler printing turned off by comprint, it is truly off. 3. "ERROR54A/" when running comiled program no longer occurs. 5. CSET and CSETQ have their proper values. 6. the public versions of PRINT DATA and EDIT DATA have been improved. In particular, the function DEFINELIST has been removed from PRINT; EDIT has had a minor bug in filelistadd corrected, and the functions filelistdelete [1; x; y] and extract [1; n; m] added. The former deletes the function on the list 1, from file n m and writes a new file n EDIT with these changes made. The latter extracts the function 1 from the file n DATA and adds them to the file m DATA, updating the disc by writing appropriate EDIT class files.