Television Camera-To-Computer Adapter: PDP-6 Device 770

Unknown author (1965-01-01)

The TVA (Television Adaptor) is a data-input device just completed. Any standard Closed-Circuit Television Camera can be connected to the PDP-6, without modification, by a single BNC connector. Then a simple program can make a digitized image of selected size and position appear in core memory. Operation is automatically controlled by the PDP-6 priority-interrupt system so that, to the programmer, the core-image is automatically read-in and maintained. This is an open invitation to come in and discuss applications. We are particularly interested in (i) projects leading to a working page-reader system, first for teletype character sets and later to include recognition of larger alphabets and hand-written corrections, and (ii) projects leading to recognition functions that will be useful in coordination with the mechanical hand system.