A Miscellaney of Convert Programming

Unknown author (1967-04-01)

CONVERT shares with other programming languages the circumstance that it is was easier to evaluate the language and to learn its uses if it is possible to scrutinize a representative sample of programs which effect typical but simple and easily understood calculations. Consequently we have gathered together several examples of varying degrees of difficulty in order to show CONVERT in action. In each case the CONVERT program, written as a LISP function ready for execution in CTSS, is shown, together with the results of its application to a small variety of arguments, and a general explanation of the program, its intent, form of its arguments, and method of operation. When the notation CLOCK (()) ... CLOCK (T) appears, the time f execution has been determined, and is shown, in tenths of seconds immediately after the result has been printed. Since there is no particular organization to the selection of examples, we here give a brief catalogue of them.