CGRU and CONG: CONVERT and LISP Programs to Find the Congruence Relations of a Finite State Machine

Unknown author (1968-01-01)

CRGU is a CONVERT program, CONG its literal transcription into LISP, realized in the CTSS LISP of Project MAC, for finding all the congruence relations of a finite state machine whose transition table is given as an argument. Central to both programs is the hull construction, which forms the smallest congruence relation containing a given relation. This is done by examining all pairs of equivalent elements to see if their images are equivalent. Otherwise the image classes are joined and the calculation repeated. With the hull program, one starts with the identity relation and proceed by joining pairs of congruence classes in previously found partitions, and forming the hull in order to see if he may produce a new partition. The process terminates when all such extensions have been tried without producing any new relations.