Producing Memos, Using TJ6, TECO and the Type 37 Teletype

Unknown author (1968-09-01)

This memo describes the TJ6 type justifying program, which can be used in the production of memos, such as this one. In addition, sections III and IV of this memo contain related information about TECO and the type 37 teletype, thus gathering most of the information needed for producing write ups into one location. A sample of input to TJ6 is given in section V, and is in fact the very input used to produce this page of output. The output from TJ6 may be either justified text, with the right margin exactly aligned, as in this introduction, or it may be "filled" text, with the right margin only approximately aligned. Since I do not personally like the appearance of justified text, the remainder of this memo will not be justified, but this decision, of course, rests with each particular user. The sections of this report are: Introduction, using TJ6, Inserting lower case letters into the TECO buffer, How to use a type 37 teletype, and Sample TJ6 input.