Proposal to ARPA for Research on Intelligent Automata and Micro-Automation

Unknown author (1973-09-01)

The results of a decade of work in Artificial Intelligence have brought us to the threshold of a new phase of knowledge-based programming -- in which we can design computer systems that (1) react reasonably to significantly complicated situations and (2) perhaps more important for the future -- interact intelligently with their operators when they encounter limitations, bugs or insufficient information. This proposal lays out programmes for bringing several such systems near to the point of useful application. These include: A physical "micro-automation" system for maintenance and repair of electronic circuits. A related "expert" problem-solving program for diagnosis and modification of electronic circuits. A set of advanced "Automatic Programming" techniques and systems for aid in developing and debugging large computer programs. Some Advanced Natural Language application methods and sustems for use with these and other interactive projects. A series of specific "expert" problem solvers, including Chess analysis. Steps toward a new generation of more intelligent Information Retrieval and Management Assistance systems.