A Glossary of PDP11 LOGO Primitives

Unknown author (1975-03-01)

This glossary was written for the purpose of providing a quick and concise yet accurate description of the primitives and special words and characters of the March 18, 1975 PDP 11 implementation of the LOGO languge. Many entries include references to other related words and/or examples of the use of the primitive being described, but this is not intended to replace the functions of a good manual. For a more detailed and comprehensive description of the language, see the LOGO MANUAL, LOGO MEMO 7. The description of each LOGO word includes the work, itself, any arguments that the word may require, the "type" of word it is, abbreviated and alternate forms of the work, if any, and a definition correct as the date of this glossary. Word tupe is described on the first page and an example of the formatt of the entries is given below. In the appendix to this glossary are sections about 1) LOGO words that take a variable number of inputs, 2) infix operators, 3) editing characters, 4) special characters, 5) special names, 6) decimal ascii code and corresponding characters.