MOOS-IvP Autonomy Tools Users Manual Release 4.2.1

Unknown author (2011-07-28)

This document describes 19 MOOS-IvP autonomy tools. uHelmScope provides a run-time scoping window into the state of an active IvP Helm executing its mission. pMarineViewer is a geo-based GUI tool for rendering marine vehicles and geometric data in their operational area. uXMS is a terminal based tool for scoping on a MOOSDB process. uTermCommand is a terminal based tool for poking a MOOSDB with a set of MOOS file pre-defined variable-value pairs selectable with aliases from the command-line. pEchoVar provides a way of echoing a post to one MOOS variable with a new post having the same value to a different variable. uProcessWatch monitors the presence or absence of a set of MOOS processes and summarizes the collective status in a single MOOS variable. uPokeDB provides a way of poking the MOOSDB from the command line with one or more variable-value pairs without any pre-existing configuration of a MOOS file. uTimerScript will execute a pre-defined timed pausable script of poking variable-value pairs to a MOOSDB. pNodeReporter summarizes a platforms critical information into a single node report string for sharing beyond the vehicle. pBasicContactMgr provides a basic contact management service with the ability to generate range-dependent configurable alerts. uSimMarine provides a simple marine vehicle simulator. uSimBeaconRange and uSimContactRange provide further simulation for range-only sensors. The Alog Toolbox is a set of offline tools for analyzing and manipulating log files in the .alog format.

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