Parallel Simulation of Subsonic Fluid Dynamics on a Cluster of Workstations

Unknown author (1995-12-01)

An effective approach of simulating fluid dynamics on a cluster of non- dedicated workstations is presented. The approach uses local interaction algorithms, small communication capacity, and automatic migration of parallel processes from busy hosts to free hosts. The approach is well- suited for simulating subsonic flow problems which involve both hydrodynamics and acoustic waves; for example, the flow of air inside wind musical instruments. Typical simulations achieve $80\\%$ parallel efficiency (speedup/processors) using 20 HP-Apollo workstations. Detailed measurements of the parallel efficiency of 2D and 3D simulations are presented, and a theoretical model of efficiency is developed which fits closely the measurements. Two numerical methods of fluid dynamics are tested: explicit finite differences, and the lattice Boltzmann method.