CPHash: A Cache-Partitioned Hash Table

Unknown author (2011-11-26)

CPHash is a concurrent hash table for multicore processors. CPHash partitions its table across the caches of cores and uses message passing to transfer lookups/inserts to a partition. CPHash's message passing avoids the need for locks, pipelines batches of asynchronous messages, and packs multiple messages into a single cache line transfer. Experiments on a 80-core machine with 2 hardware threads per core show that CPHash has ~1.6x higher throughput than a hash table implemented using fine-grained locks. An analysis shows that CPHash wins because it experiences fewer cache misses and its cache misses are less expensive, because of less contention for the on-chip interconnect and DRAM. CPServer, a key/value cache server using CPHash, achieves ~5% higher throughput than a key/value cache server that uses a hash table with fine-grained locks, but both achieve better throughput and scalability than memcached. Finally, the throughput of CPHash and CPServer scales near-linearly with the number of cores.